Taiwan Music Video Competition – Nominees

check who are the 8 nominees of this year’s Taiwan Music Video Competition! 樂團/音樂人 MV名稱 導演 冰球樂團 Icy Ball 響起 Lights Up 林龍吟 林瑪黛MATELIN 迷語Please Come Home 胡瑞財 無妄合作社No-nonsense Collective 檳榔Betel Nuts 無妄合作社 脆樂團Crispy 你快樂嗎In Search of Happiness 邱柏昶 等等樂團THE WAiiT 寶藏Treasure 曾憲麗 夜貓組(Leo王+春艷) yeemao 妳是我的Wifi Wifi! Wify? feat. GorDoN 郭佩萱 Vast & Hazy 與浪之間…

(中文) 2018城市遊牧影展5月17日起盛大揭幕,金馬首席設計師方序中加盟競賽評審陣容!

(中文) 2018城市遊牧影展即將自5月17日至27日間,於西門町真善美戲院盛大展映。今年,呼應全球性別平權議題發展,遊牧影展將聚焦獨立音樂、藝術創作與社會運動中的女性身影,完整片單即將於下周起陸續公布。此外,更邀請到金馬首席設計師加入競賽單元評審陣容,來自不同領域、國家的評審們,更持續為電影創作注入新穎而多元的視角。

Angelo Moore of Fishbone to play Urban Nomad Opening Freakout with The Brand New Step

In our quest for the best live acts in the universe, Urban Nomad has lured in legendary frontman of Fishbone Angelo Moore will bring his band Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step to the 2018 Urban Nomad Opening Freakout, at Tiger Mountain in Taipei on April 14-15. Also set to perform: Minnesota Voodoo Men and Walkings from Japan! And Taiwan’s best bands & DJs: Skaraoke, Outlet Drift, Crocodelia, Sonica Calico, Balkazar, DJ Cosimoz, Byron Duvell (Diamond Tigerz), and DJ Marcus Aurelius. And we’re just getting started. There are plenty more performer announcements to come!