Angelo Moore of Fishbone to play Urban Nomad Opening Freakout with The Brand New Step

In our quest for the best live acts in the universe, Urban Nomad has lured in legendary frontman of Fishbone Angelo Moore will bring his band Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step to the 2018 Urban Nomad Opening Freakout, at Tiger Mountain in Taipei on April 14-15. Also set to perform: Minnesota Voodoo Men and Walkings from Japan! And Taiwan’s best bands & DJs: Skaraoke, Outlet Drift, Crocodelia, Sonica Calico, Balkazar, DJ Cosimoz, Byron Duvell (Diamond Tigerz), and DJ Marcus Aurelius. And we’re just getting started. There are plenty more performer announcements to come!


The 2018 Urban Nomad Film and Music Fest is preparing to take place in April and May 2018, so hurry up and submit your work to Taiwan’s most exciting creative showcase! We are holding competitions for films — including short films and feature films — and music videos, with awards including NTD 50,000 cash prizes and video production services from Far East Translation.

(中文) 【座談回顧】短波-極度自然、先有雞還是先有蛋

(中文) 拍片時最大困難是被猴子攻擊,有人一直對空氣說對不起。他的臉上長出森林?植物跟人對話?有一天,室內下起大雨……。生命中的一切有前因後果還是僅是隨機?短波【極度自然】與【先有雞還是先有蛋】單元,邀請導演親至現場,分享片中的象徵、目的、困難與靈光一現。