Competition Selections for 2019

From around 300 submissions to this year’s open call, including competition and out of competition films, the following 28 films have been made official selections for the 2019 Urban Nomad Film Fest! These include seven feature length films, and 21 short films. Genres include narrative fiction, documentary, animation, and experimental films. The list includes many first showings for audiences in Taipei or Taiwan, and several Asia premieres and world  premieres! So without any further delay, here is the list off official selections from our 2019 open call!

372 Submissions from 20 Countries to Urban Nomad in 2019

If you’ve submitted a film, you can confirm your submission in this post.

As of the February 25 deadline for submissions to the 2019 Urban Nomad Film Fest, the festival received a total of 372 submission in three major submission categories: film competition, out of competition, and music video competition. Total film submissions totaled 267 films, including 19 “feature films” of 60 minutes or more and 248 “short films”, defined as 60 minutes or less. Aside from a large volume of Taiwanese film submissions, filmmakers from at least 19 other countries and territories submitted works. To see the more info on submitted films or to confirm your submission, please follow the link.

Taiwan Film Competition – Nominees

片名 Title 導演 Director 歡迎光臨龍岡清真寺 Life, and nothing more 鄭瑋萱 ZHENG Wei Xuan A Daily Chat A Daily Chat 鍾承旭 CHUNG Cheng Hsu 台灣政治重金屬 Metal Politics Taiwan Marco Wilms Marco Wilms 貝莉小姐 Ms. Belly 林芷伃 LIN Chih Yu 超級壞貓 ❤ 恋愛ゲーム單機版 SuperMeowMeow|Game of LOVE 小貓肉球 BadBadMeowMeow 曜 Wish 劉庭安 LIU Ting An 蛹 The Chrysalis…

Taiwan Music Video Competition – Nominees

check who are the 8 nominees of this year’s Taiwan Music Video Competition! 樂團/音樂人 MV名稱 導演 冰球樂團 Icy Ball 響起 Lights Up 林龍吟 林瑪黛MATELIN 迷語Please Come Home 胡瑞財 無妄合作社No-nonsense Collective 檳榔Betel Nuts 無妄合作社 脆樂團Crispy 你快樂嗎In Search of Happiness 邱柏昶 等等樂團THE WAiiT 寶藏Treasure 曾憲麗 夜貓組(Leo王+春艷) yeemao 妳是我的Wifi Wifi! Wify? feat. GorDoN 郭佩萱 Vast & Hazy 與浪之間…