Urban Nomad Music Video Award Sees Most Submissions Ever

Top names in Taiwan indie music will all compete for the 2019 Urban Nomad Music Video Award, with a record 105 entries in the competition including some of the hottest names in Taiwan’s music scene. Entries to the competition include mandarin hip hop and R’n’B acts MJ116, Leo Wang and 9m88, veteran indie bands and pop stars Wonfu, Quarterback, Ma Nien Hsien, and Lara Veronin, metal band Flesh Juicer, and popular young indie bands Deca Joins, Manic Sheep and Elephant Gym. For a full list of entries, click the link.

372 Submissions from 20 Countries to Urban Nomad in 2019

If you’ve submitted a film, you can confirm your submission in this post.

As of the February 25 deadline for submissions to the 2019 Urban Nomad Film Fest, the festival received a total of 372 submission in three major submission categories: film competition, out of competition, and music video competition. Total film submissions totaled 267 films, including 19 “feature films” of 60 minutes or more and 248 “short films”, defined as 60 minutes or less. Aside from a large volume of Taiwanese film submissions, filmmakers from at least 19 other countries and territories submitted works. To see the more info on submitted films or to confirm your submission, please follow the link.

(中文) Freddy林昶佐確認出席5/21《台灣政治重金屬》映後座談!

(中文) 《台灣政治重金屬》(Metal Politics Taiwan)由作品曾入選柏林影展的德國導演Marco Wilms耗時兩年執導製作,以重金屬音樂人同時也是新晉立委的林昶佐(Freddy)為主要拍攝對象,側寫出台灣民主政治多元發聲的樣貌。《台灣政治重金屬》將在5月21日於城市遊牧影展進行台灣地區首度公開,林昶佐與導演Marco Wilms將於電影放映後出席現場座談。

(中文) 【座談紀錄】《嘶吼吧!龐克暴女上台啦!》製片Jen Shagawat出席映後

(中文) 《嘶吼吧!龐克暴女上台啦!》製片出席映後座談,她在Shellshag樂團擔任鼓手,來自布魯克林,有自己的唱片公司和電影工作室,至今有二十年的歷史了。當初怎麼認識The Slits,是因為我的哥哥介紹我與Ari Up認識,我們一見面就很投緣,她還讓我摸她那頭很有型的頭髮,她平常不會輕易讓其他人這麼做的。我們也聊了許多關於音樂和生活的事。