DJ Marcus A

Two-time Red Bull 3style Taiwan finalist with the amazing ability to forever fold the past into the present. Playing DJ with and the Taiwan Twerk Team.

Betty Apple

Born in 1986 in Chiayi, Taiwan, Betty Apple comes from a younger generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan, and is equally at home in contemporary art spaces and underground techno clubs, where she regularly DJs.


U.TA, a dim flare glows enigmatically from afar a mist, hazing over a dreamy state under musical variations glitter here and there, emanates sounds that explore life and death with ceremonial-like compositions.

Face the Earth

CLOSING FILM: Taiwanese performance artist Yang Chin-chih has built an exceptional career in New York over the last three decades, playing the part of victim of environmental catastrophe in large public performances. (Huang Ming-chuan / 2017 / Taiwan / Taipei premier / Q&A)

Metal Politics Taiwan

Lead singer for the heavy metal band Chthonic, Freddy Lim, was recently elected to Taiwan’s legislature. This documentary follows his transformation from rock star to politician. (Marco Wilms / 2018 / Germany, Taiwan / Q&A)

The Way

A surf board by Peter Way, New Zealand’s first national champion in 1963, washes up on a beach. Thus begins a quest to learn about Kiwi surfing and the man who shaped this piece of surfing history. (Luke Cameron / 2017 / Taiwan / Asia Premier / Q&A)

Parallel Planes

A video mix-tape that journeys across the American indie music landscape, paying homage to the DIY spirit and asking basic questions about the nature of independence and music. (Nicole Wegner / 2017 / Germany / Taiwan premier / Q&A)

Nico, 1988

The “original goth girl”, Nico lived a second life after Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Hers is the story of a fallen star, and a quest for redemption. (Susanna Nicchiarelli / 2017 / Italy, Belgium / Taiwan premier)

Bunch of Kunst

British punk duo Sleaford Mods have been called “the voice of Britain” by their fans, “Britain’s angriest band” by the Guardian and “The world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” by Iggy Pop. (Christine Franz / 2017 / Germany)

To Stay Alive, A Method

When Iggy Pop narrates read Michel Houellebecq’s essay “To Stay Alive”, he realized it was his own life story. Here they collaborate to adapt the essay into a movie. (Arno Hagers, et al / 2016 / The Netherlands, Belgium)


Andres Veiel / 2017 / Germany

Joseph Beuys, arguably the most important post-WWII European artist of the 20th century, shown in his full confrontational glory.

Virus Tropical

A beautifully animated and very modern coming of age story of a girl in South America, adapted from the highly popular graphic novel by Power Paola. (Santiago Caicedo / 2017 / Colombia)

Rock Rubber 45s

影片介紹 FILM INFO Rock Rubber 45s Bobbito Garcia / 2018 / USA / 97min / documentary / English / Chinese subtitles / Taiwan premier * Director Q&A ROCK RUBBER 45s is a cinematic odyssey exploring the connectivity of global basketball, sneaker, and music lifestyle through the first-hand lens of authentic NYC culture orchestrator Bobbito García. The…

Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step (US)

Back to Music Fest Main PageArtist Info Band InfoOfficial Site Facebook: Soundcloud: Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step Angelo Moore is the legendary frontman of ska-punk band Fishbone and known for his explosive on-stage presence, amazing vocal talents, and mad musical skills on saxophone, horns and many other instruments. Though Angelo…

The Minnesota Voodoo Men (JP)

Back to Music Fest Main PageArtist Info Band InfoOfficial Site: Facebook: Soundcloud: The Minnesota Voodoo Men The Minnesota Voodoo Men are a wild three-piece Tokyo garage band known for hair-raising performances of wild 60s beat music. Over the last two decades, they’ve toured the world and released 4 albums and several EPs,…

Walkings (JP)

Back to Music Fest Main PageArtist Info Band InfoOfficial Site: Facebook: Soundcloud: Walkings The Tokyo trio Walkings play viciously hard funk rock. The group formed in Tokyo in 2012 as a blues rock band inspired by the Jimi Hendrix acid guitar sound, then developed this into a powerful raw sound, something like…

Laurent Coulondre(FR)

Back to Music Fest Main PageArtist Info Band InfoFacebook: Youtube: Soundcloud: Wangyi: Xiami: QQ: Laurent Coulondre The touching thing about Laurent Coulondre is that this (young) man is true to himself. His music is driven by nothing but his desires. He is a brilliant boy, if a tad hyperactive.…