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Korean bands at Urban Nomad? Oh yes!

Three Korean bands will be among the 40 musical acts at this year’s Urban Nomad Freakout Festival, to be held in Taipei April 10-12. The bands are SaaWee, an avant-garde duo of traditional percussion and violin, scuzz blues band Billy Carter, and psychedelic punk group Ego Function Error. Korea has a fantastic, thriving indie music scene, similar in many ways to Taiwan’s, but relatively unknown here. Inviting these three bands to Urban Nomad is an effort to bring some kickass music to our amazing audience, and second to help build up connections between Taiwanese indie music and the awesome stuff happening in Korea. They’re less then a two-hour flight away. There’s no reason we should be strangers. So here are three bands to look forward to at Urban Nomad 2020.


Urban Nomad 1st Lineup Announcement!

Urban Nomad announces 16 bands and DJs to play the 2020 Urban Nomad Freakout Festival, coming April 10-12 in Taipei. The festival will feature more than 40 performers in total, including 15 international performers. The festival’s 2020 lineup will focus on “Asia’s Indie Explosion”. So far six live acts are confirmed from Japan, Korea and Indonesia, including Tokyo ska band More the Man, Indonesia rave and music festival veterans Bottlesmoker, and indie bands from Korea.


2020 Urban Nomad Freakout Festival coming in April!

Urban Nomad’s annual festival of strange and #freakadelic things will take place April 10-12 in Taipei, with more than 40 musical acts and circus performers on four stages. Its most international lineup ever will focus on Asia’s Indie Explosion, with more than 15 overseas performers traveling from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, US, Canada, and Basque Countries, with many more to be announced. The festival also adds one extra day to become a three-day festival for the first time. Early bird tickets go on sale Feb 19 on www.KKtix.com.


2020 Urban Nomad Call for Films

Submissions are now open for the 19th annual Urban Nomad Film Fest, to be held in Taipei in April-May 2020, then later in the year touring programs will take films to other Taiwanese cities. Urban Nomad will hold competitions in two main categories, “Taiwan films” and “Taiwan indie music videos”, with awards including cash prizes and post-production services from a top Taiwan post-production house, Far East Translation Services. There is also a non-competition section for entries from outside Taiwan. Find out how to submit works here.


(中文) 【座談紀錄】紅色青春記憶的再現與實驗

(中文) 今天應該來談論紅色青春記憶的再現與實驗。《入戲》這部紀錄片的起源就是葉京導演為了拍攝《記得少年這首歌》而產生的電影。從紅色記憶來談,台灣觀眾可能不太熟悉葉京導演,他此前有一部電視劇《與青春有關的日子》,2006年在中國有一定的影響力,在上映前還特別加入1969這個年代的記憶。台灣觀眾可能不太認識葉京導演,但是他邀請到兩位中國電影圈為人熟知的王朔和馮小剛作為電影製作。