The Tokyo trio Walkings play viciously hard funk rock. The group formed in Tokyo in 2012 as a blues rock band inspired by the Jimi Hendrix acid guitar sound, then developed this into a powerful raw sound, something like a cross between the Black Keys and Death From Above 1979.

Early on they staged more than 200 guerrilla street performances on the streets of Tokyo, especially in the Shibuya and Shinjuku neighborhoods, until they were finally busted by the police and forced to stop. They’ve also blasted their way into major showcases like Fuji Rock Rookie-a-Go-Go Stage (2015), SXSW (2017) and made a blitzkrieg tour the US, playing 15 shows in 16 days. They released their debut album “Ana” (Hole) on P-Vine Records in 2016. Members are Fu Takada (Vocals and guitar), Hayato Yoshida (bass) and Takashi Takanashi (drums).


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