Essential Info on the 2019 Urban Nomad Film Fest

This 18th year of the Urban Nomad Film Fest includes 55 films, including 25 feature films and 22 short films and 8 music videos. Most of these films will be seen in Taipei or Taiwan for the first time and include one Oscar nominated film, winner of a SXSW Grand Jury Prize, and other prestigious award-winning films. There will be 37 local premieres as well as 12 Asia premieres, while five short films will have world premieres. At least seven international filmmakers will visit the festival and around 30 local filmmakers will participate. There will be at least two concerts, and every single day of the festival we will have filmmakers at screenings for audience Q&As. We’ll have several panel discussions, some free film screenings, and a few parties as well. Participation and bringing creators into direct contact with audiences is what we’re all about.


(中文) 這次音樂祭的主視覺中有兩個宇宙山神的形象,他們手上各拿了兩個簡單的樂器,我就覺得玩音樂其實不需要很複雜的樂器也可以很有趣。過去沒有參加過怪奇音樂祭的經驗,所以想像的音樂祭是在山上很難到達的地方,像外星人必須坐幽浮才到的了,參加的也都是一些酷的人,所以主視覺就是我想像中的怪奇音樂祭。

Urban Nomad Music Video Award Sees Most Submissions Ever

Top names in Taiwan indie music will all compete for the 2019 Urban Nomad Music Video Award, with a record 105 entries in the competition including some of the hottest names in Taiwan’s music scene. Entries to the competition include mandarin hip hop and R’n’B acts MJ116, Leo Wang and 9m88, veteran indie bands and pop stars Wonfu, Quarterback, Ma Nien Hsien, and Lara Veronin, metal band Flesh Juicer, and popular young indie bands Deca Joins, Manic Sheep and Elephant Gym. For a full list of entries, click the link.