2020 Urban Nomad Call for Films

Submissions are now open for the 19th annual Urban Nomad Film Fest, to be held in Taipei in April-May 2020, then later in the year touring programs will take films to other Taiwanese cities. Urban Nomad will hold competitions in two main categories, “Taiwan films” and “Taiwan indie music videos”, with awards including cash prizes and post-production services from a top Taiwan post-production house, Far East Translation Services. There is also a non-competition section for entries from outside Taiwan. Find out how to submit works here.

Opening and Closing Films Announced

Hao Wu’s People’s Republic of Desire, winner of the SXSW Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary in 2018 and a generally shocking documentary on livestreaming in China, is Urban Nomad’s opening film for the 2019 festival. The Closing Film will be Valerie Soe’s Love Boat: Taiwan on the 50-year-old study exchange program and its thousands of alumni, showing as an Asia premier and screening at its third festival overall. Both directors will be in attendance at the festival.

Essential Info on the 2019 Urban Nomad Film Fest

This 18th year of the Urban Nomad Film Fest includes 55 films, including 25 feature films and 22 short films and 8 music videos. Most of these films will be seen in Taipei or Taiwan for the first time and include one Oscar nominated film, winner of a SXSW Grand Jury Prize, and other prestigious award-winning films. There will be 37 local premieres as well as 12 Asia premieres, while five short films will have world premieres. At least seven international filmmakers will visit the festival and around 30 local filmmakers will participate. There will be at least two concerts, and every single day of the festival we will have filmmakers at screenings for audience Q&As. We’ll have several panel discussions, some free film screenings, and a few parties as well. Participation and bringing creators into direct contact with audiences is what we’re all about.

(中文) Freddy林昶佐確認出席5/21《台灣政治重金屬》映後座談!

(中文) 《台灣政治重金屬》(Metal Politics Taiwan)由作品曾入選柏林影展的德國導演Marco Wilms耗時兩年執導製作,以重金屬音樂人同時也是新晉立委的林昶佐(Freddy)為主要拍攝對象,側寫出台灣民主政治多元發聲的樣貌。《台灣政治重金屬》將在5月21日於城市遊牧影展進行台灣地區首度公開,林昶佐與導演Marco Wilms將於電影放映後出席現場座談。

(中文) 2018城市遊牧影展時代揭幕女力時代,世界首支全女子龐克團The Slits紀錄片霸氣領軍!

(中文) 2018城市遊牧影展即將自5月17日至27日間,於西門町真善美戲院盛大展映。今年,呼應全球性別平權議題發展,遊牧影展將聚焦獨立音樂、藝術創作與社會運動中的女性身影,完整片單即將於下周起陸續公布。此外,更邀請到金馬首席設計師加入競賽單元評審陣容,來自不同領域、國家的評審們,更持續為電影創作注入新穎而多元的視角。

(中文) 2018城市遊牧影展5月17日起盛大揭幕,金馬首席設計師方序中加盟競賽評審陣容!

(中文) 2018城市遊牧影展即將自5月17日至27日間,於西門町真善美戲院盛大展映。今年,呼應全球性別平權議題發展,遊牧影展將聚焦獨立音樂、藝術創作與社會運動中的女性身影,完整片單即將於下周起陸續公布。此外,更邀請到金馬首席設計師加入競賽單元評審陣容,來自不同領域、國家的評審們,更持續為電影創作注入新穎而多元的視角。