2020 submission deadline: Mar. 1 (Mon) 11:59pm

(Taiwan time: GMT +8)

Submissions are open in the following three categories:

For feature films, short films, documentary, animation or other video works:

  • produced in Taiwan by directors of any nationality

  • by Taiwanese living abroad

  • or by films otherwise connected to Taiwan

Submit a Film

For feature films, short films, documentary, animations or other video works from outside Taiwan or not wishing to join the competition.

Submit Out of Competition

For music videos produced in Taiwan or by Taiwanese bands.

Submit a Music Video

About the Competition

Submissions are now open for the 19th annual Urban Nomad Film Fest, to be held in Taipei in April-May 2020, then later in the year touring programs will take films to other Taiwanese cities. Urban Nomad will hold competitions in two main categories, “Taiwan films” and “Taiwan indie music videos”, with awards including cash prizes and post-production services from a top Taiwan post-production house, Far East Translation Services. There is also a non-competition section for entries from outside Taiwan.

For 2020, Urban Nomad is specially seeking strong Taiwanese feature films for the Taiwan competition that can be considered for the festival’s opening or closing film.

The 2019 festival saw 37 Taiwan premiers and more than 40 filmmakers in attendance. After Taipei screenings, films went on to tour to Taoyuan, Hsinchu and New Taipei City.

The goal of Urban Nomad’s awards is to support new creators, emerging creative ideas and new types of filmmaking, unconventional or crossover works, and projects that reflect on important cultural, social or technological trends. We place an emphasis on strong visions, story-driven ideas and creativity. There are no restrictions on genre, and films of any length are welcome to apply.

Filmmakers of accepted works will have access to festival events, opportunities to connect with audiences and other filmmakers, the chance to win cash prizes, and other benefits. If you win an award, it will be recorded on your film’s IMDB page.

In case you’re curious, you can go to Urban Nomad’s IMDB page to see a list of previous winners, or learn how to create an IMDB entry for your own film.

Selection Process

First round: From general submissions, Urban Nomad’s internal curatorial team selects films and music videos for the festival screening program. These films are “2020 official selections” and eligible for the Audience Choice Award.

Jury round: After Urban Nomad’s curatorial team will selects “nominees”, prizes will be decided by an independent jury.

Information, Rules and Guidelines

Awards: To be announced

Eligibility: Works must be produced between 2018 and 2020.

Genres: Feature films, short films, animation, experimental films, documentary, narrative, other video works. There are no genre restrictions. (Music Videos must apply in a separate category.)

Feature films: are defined as 60 minutes or longer and must be a Taiwan premiere. If you are submitting to other festivals at the same time and the premiere status changes, or if you have questions about premiere status, please contact us by email: [email protected]

Short films are defined as 59min or less and may not be considered if they have already screened at more than two major festivals in Taipei (i.e. Golden Horse, Taipei Film Festival, TIDF, CNEX, Golden Harvest). Short films may receive preference if they are a Taipei or Taiwan premiere.

Subtitles: Films in Mandarin Chinese should have English subtitles. Films in English should have Chinese subtitles. Films in other languages should have Chinese and English subtitles. In some cases, subtitles may be added after a film is selected to the festival.

One Application per Work: For each work, please fill out our online application form one time. If you are submitting more than one work, you must fill out the online application more than once. (Ex: 3 films = 3 applications)

No re-submission: Please do not submit the same work you submitted in previous years.

Maximum number: A filmmaker can submit a maximum of 3 films or 5 music videos.

Please make sure that multiple applicants do not submit the same work.

There is no submission fee

Urban Nomad reserves the right to make adjustments to the competition rules, format and prizes.

If your work is chosen for screening, we will additionally need a signed consent form (hard copy) before it becomes an “Official Selection” to the 2020 Urban Nomad Film Fest.

Urban Nomad has the right to group films into screening programs and will decide screening categories, venues and schedule.

Urban Nomad has the right to determine whether a film is eligible for competition.