We came into this world and started an unknown journey.
All of us voyaging to the same destination.
Struggling to survive and love along the way.
No matter what, the show must go on.

This program of five short films includes fiction, animation and documentary films from Taiwan and Spain. The program has a total length of 85 minutes and will be followed by filmmaker Q&A.



Joan Vives / 2017 / Spain / narrative / 19min / Spanish / Chinese and English subtitles / Asia premier

Amadeo is a good person. He lives in a small village of Valencia, and since his wife died, he sacrifices himself in taking care of his father-in-law, Agustín, who is disabled. Due to this, he doesn’t participate much in social life in the village. One day Lolín, the fishmonger, has a magical vision while decapitating an eel: Amadeo has only seven days to live. This event will produce a series of events that will change his life completely.



WU Chung Yi / 2017 / Taiwan / annimation / 5min / German / Chinese and English subtitles

This is a story about human loneliness.

The world (of people) is atomized. Even intimate contact and interaction cannot cause one to feel what another feels. Feelings can be shared but not mutually experienced.

The world (of people) is unified. Emotional states remain in this world. There is no saying which person they originated with, and they form a basis for feelings that everyone can feel: happiness, sadness, loneliness… and so on.

This is a story about a young boy, an island, a message, an experience, and an ocean.



Ether YAN, YANG Kai-Yeni / 2017 / Taiwan / documentary / 17min / Taiwanese / Chinese and English subtitles

Mr. Plane always sits by the crowded roadside with his crutch and a trolley full of magazines. Passersby always take a quick glance at him and most of them don’t even want to know what he is doing there everyday. He is a Big Issue salesman. Before becoming homeless, he was a projectionist in Tainan cinemas. His life experienced highs and lows, just like those movies he was projecting every day. Through his memories, we realize that a homeless person who has his unique life experiences is no different from everyone else.



TSAI Yi Yu / 2017 / Taiwan / animation, experimental / 4min / mandarin / Chinese and English subtitles / Taipei premier

A day begins. Life goes on in the usual repetitive ritual, just as always. In such a regular and constant process, unexpected accidents may break the stability of routine and lead things totally off track. This is the moment that I call the Tiny Tragedy in Life.

The artist focuses on the failed, unpredicted moments in life and summons them back through photography and illustration. Her works intend to discover the fragile sensations brought on by failure and enable the artist to confront her own fears.



王君弘 WANG Chun Hong / 2017 / Taiwan / narrative / 40min / mandarin / Chinese and English subtitles

Life is boring and seemingly endless. All he can do is survive each day. On New Year’s Eve, losing touch with reality, he briefly comes to his senses upon the seeing a burst of fireworks. In this vanishing moment, he also came to feel his own existence.

Event Timeslots (1)

5/26 (Sat)

with Q&A