EVENT: Competition Films Roundtable

TIME: May 21 (Sat) 3-6pm

PLACE: Woolloomooloo Out West (W.O.W.) 3F, #2, Lane 120, Sec 2, Wuchang St, Taipei

ENTRY:  Free admission with online registration

For this panel, we will invite filmmakers from the 2016 Urban Nomad Competition Section, including directors of three feature films, 25 short films and 10 music videos selected for the festival. We’ll ask them to discuss their works, filmmaking methods and creative strategies. The goal is to create a very free and open discussion of Taiwan’s filmmaking environment and also uncover the stories behind the unique works in this program.

A special session will focus on crowdfunding for film and will be hosted by Eva Liao of the crowdfunding site Baker Founder.

Moderators 主持人:

Keng-yu Wang, film producer and TOFU secretary general

Eden Liao, Urban Nomad competition coordinator

Panelists 與談人:

George Hsin, director Aground

Sharon Liu, director Fan Fan

Eva Liao, Baker Founder