Interview with Freakout Poster Artist Da-Bao

This year we asked Taipei artist Da-bao, a.k.a. Joey Okay, to draw the key visual for our 2017 Urban Nomad Opening Freakout. She’s already got a following on Instagram, so we were kind of surprised that this was her first commercial gig! Check out some of her other drawings below. The interview is unfortunately Chinese only — go to the Chinese site to read it.


(中文) 第二波名單發佈!超過30組國內外樂隊與DJ X 正港富士音樂祭登台樂團登台演出 X 徜徉大自然爽玩兩天

(中文) 第二波公佈名單包括:宛如Jack Johnson與Ben Harper再加上Jeff Buckley的華裔音樂人Buckman Coe、十足龐克,愉悅滿點,又髒又爽,以強而有力的態度唱出都會青年生活日常的台北龐克搖滾樂隊傷心欲絕、聲音藝術家黑狼黃大旺、前地下電子樂隊閃閃閃閃主唱阿彭個人音樂計劃,操作現場玩具噪音實驗聲響演出的Meuko! Meuko!等。


2017 Festival Submissions: OPEN LIST

The Urban Nomad Open Call officially closed on Feb 20 at midnight.

This year, we received 210 submissions for Taiwan Film Competition, 82 for Out of Competition and 65 for Taiwan Music Video Competition.

To check if your works are successfully submitted, here’s the open list, which you can search by film title.