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International Docs In Process

Here we feature two international filmmakers speaking about projects they are currently developing while living and working in Taiwan. German documentarian Marco Wilms is near the end of shooting a documentary, Metal Politics Taiwan, about Taiwanese heavy metal singer and lawmaker Freddy Lim. Austrian filmmaker and artist Ella Raidel is in the midst of a project on Chinese “ghost cities,” massive real estate developments with no inhabitants.


Host: Tobie Oppenshaw, Filmmaker Nights Taipei

主持 Moderator: Diana Lee

講者 Panelist:Marco Wilms

MARCO WILMS is the German director of feature documentaries and TV documentaries. His pervasive interest is in the intersection of culture and politics. His major films include Art War (which showed wat Urban Nomad 2016) about graffiti artists in the Egyptian revolution and Comrade Couture about fashion in communist East Germany. He has been in production for Metal Politics Taiwan for the past year.

METAL POLITICS TAIWAN tells the story of a metamorphosis. Asia’s most famous and heaviest black metal singer, Freddy Lim, is now a freshly elected Taiwanese legislator and visionary. The film accompanies the rock star and his colleagues for an entire year. Freddy Lim is on the front line, trying to create a new kind of democratic identity for Taiwan. What happens when the heavy metal hero packs away his stage equipment and slips into a politician’s custom fitted suit? When he climbs down from the heights of heavy metal Olympia to slither in the muck of everyday politics? Will he fail or will his artistic soul master the huge challenges that history throws at him?


講者 Panelist:Ella Raidel

ELLA RAIDEL is a filmmaker, artist and researcher from Austria, focusing on the sociocultural impact of globalization. China has been her main interest for the drastic change of urban landscape on the massive scale. Her work includes video, art installation, and films, which she presents at international biennials and film festivals, often crossing over different genres and disciplines. Her feature-length documentary film Double Happiness (75 Min., 2014) has won the Urban Nomad Jury Prize (2015) and has been shown worldwide over 30 international film festivals. Her research project Of Haunted Spaces is granted by the Austrian Science Fund.

Of Haunted Spaces is an art-based research project on Chinese ghost cities. The outcome will be a film-essay that combines action and documentation to indicate the phantasmatic aspect of the global capitalism. In China, the need to maintain and boost economic growth in its surplus production results in cities being built for millions but lived-in by no-one. The subject to be investigated will be how global capitalism is affecting and haunting the living conditions of our time. Urban spaces, which were once a grandiose vision for boosting prosperity in the collective fantasy, have become exhausted and empty sites.

時間 Time
5/13 (六/Sat) 2:00 – 3:15pm

地點 Location
Taipei Cinema Park Exhibition Hall
19 Kangding Rd, Taipei

講座語 Language
Chinese and English

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