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8-Bit refers to the generation of microprocessors from the late 1970s and early 1980s, an era that saw the widespread market acceptance of the home computer and the birth of the video game era. Due to restrictions on memory, processing power, and the number of colors that could be used, 8-bit games and programs have a unique quality, that has lately returned as a retro style and has a large number of enthusiasts.

In conjunction with Urban Nomad’s screening of 8-BIT GENERATION: THE COMMODORE WARS, we’ve invited some of Taiwan’s top 8-bit enthusiasts to discuss the film and the days of 8-bit computing in Taiwan. They will display games, consoles and other 8-bit paraphernalia from their extensive collections. If you get pangs of nostalgia upon mention of the Atari 2600, Nintendo Gameboy or Commodore 64, then come back to the future with us. This talk is definitely for you!  



Moderator 主持人:低分少年 Low Score Boy


Panelist 講者:徐銘鍾 Wenli Hsu「未來復古」總編輯 Chief editor at Fugu Cafe


Panelist 講者:梁世佑(RainReader Liang)

從小看動漫打電子遊戲長大,目前致力於推廣相關領域的研究與發展,現職為國立交通大學數位動畫文創學程負責人、 U-ACG 創辦人,台北電玩藝術展與御宅文化國際學術會議、巴哈姆特論文獎主辦人。

時間 Time
5/13 (六/Sat) 5:15-6:45pm

地點 Location
Taipei Cinema Park Exhibition Hall
19 Kangding Rd, Taipei

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