Just 2km from Taipei 101 — You can take the MRT!!!

TIME: 4/16 (Sat) 2pm ~ midnight

PLACE: Tiger Mountain, No.186-1, Lane 221, Fude St., Xinyi Dist., Taipei

微遠虎山 台北市信義區福德街221巷186-1號

MRT: Houshanpi Stn. (15min walk), or
Xiangshan Station (象山站), then switch to Xinyi bus (信義幹線)(10min) or taxi (5min) or walk (25min)

TICKETS: $425 early bird (sold out) / $500 advance / $650 door

5, Lane 114, Shida Rd, (02) 2363-6015
* Toasteria
3, Lane 169, Sec 1, Tunhua S Rd
* Red Room
No 177, Sec 1, Jianguo S Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S Rd and Jinan Rd)


樂團 | BANDS

Mop of Head (JP)
FunkyBrothers 放客兄弟
Dread Rider
漂流出口 Outlet Drift
+ more to be announced


DJ Marcus Aurelius – 馬克思
Sonia Calico
Resident Soul
+ more to be announced


★★★★ 活動介紹 | ABOUT THE PARTY ★★★★


To celebrate Urban Nomad’s 15th year, we’re throwing a serious ho-down in the mountains, because if the venue had a roof, we would blow that sucker off! We’re preparing two stages, seven bands, six DJs and special roaming “Carnival of Delights” of freaky individuals curated by our friends at Red Room. There will also be food, beer and tasty cocktails.

Bands include funk, reggae, an aboriginal psych rock band from Taidong called Outlet Drift, and the return of an insanely good Japanese band who are Fuji Rock festival veterans, electro-rockers Mop of Head. The DJ zone will be in a former Taoist temple, which Marcus Aurelius will convert it into a rump-shakin’ party shack.

The venue, Tiger Mountain, is a gorgeous mountain retreat that feels like it’s hours away from the city, but it’s really only 20 minutes walk from the MRT. Kids and well-behaved dogs are absolutely welcome. This mountain jam is the beginning of Urban Nomad’s events for 2016, which will culminate in the film festival at the Wonderful Theater in Ximen from May 12-22. We’re gonna start it all off with this gigantic party. Hope to see you there!


★★★★ BANDS & DJs ★★★★


Mop of Head, formed in 2006, bring together breakbeats, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, house and other dance music performed live as a four-piece rock band. They have played Japan’s largest festivals, including Fuji Rock, Rock in Japan, and Japan’s biggest year end live event Countdown Japan. They’ve also performed with international bands including Digitalism (Ger), Teeth (UK), Go Chic and others. Mop of Head frontman George, as a DJ, has opened at Tokyo’s Womb for Skrillex and Boys Noize, playing together as Dog’s Blood. Bass player Hitomi Kuramochi recently backed Korean R&B idol SE7EN on his tour of Japan.

Mop of Head was picked up early by BBC Radio 1 DJ Gilles Peterson, who played them often on his show “World Wide” as well as Taku Takahashi of the Japanese rap group, M-flo, who played them on Internet radio station TCY Radio. In 2015, Mop of Head released their third album, Vitalize. The sixth song, “Dave”, is named after Urban Nomad’s curator. You can ask them why. They still haven’t told me.

Music Video”Breaking Out Basis”:­FUO2Gkc8
Live Video”Breaking Out Basis”:



A 7-piece band with a horn section to die for, they are Taiwan’s tightest family of funk.


★★ COACH 教練樂隊 ★★

This hard-rocking funk band has been killing it since they one a NTD 1 million prize from MTV over a decade ago. Vocalist Jelly Lee is has of the most charismatic male voices in Taiwan’s indie scene. They’re known for great live shows, and here you go!



Trinidad native Sherwyne Pereira is one of the most dynamic singers on Taiwan, and his backing band is a red hot group of music pros and scene veterans. This is reggae, soca, dancehall, dub, roots in true Caribbean style.


★★ 漂流出口 OUTLET DRIFT ★★

Coming up from Taidong, this trio blends traditional Indigenous Taiwanese tunes with experimental folk, grunge, psychedelic and metal. They just released their first album, Drowning, just a few months ago, and they rock it like a mother.



WHAAAATTT! You haven’t heard of DJ Marcus Aurelius? Oh, come on now, if Marcus ain’t there, then whatever it is just ain’t a party. Expect a mix of whatever moves butts and high-powered fun.



Formerly of Go Chic and still part of Bounce Girlz, Sonia is a DJ/producer who runs Taipei’s underground mainstay parties series, including UnderU and Dough. He music: a mix of breaks, raves and ♥.



Mastermind behind the Soul, Sweat and Swank parties, bringing all kinds of funk to the dance floor.


★★ DJ HI-FIVE ★★

Moombahton, Electro, House, Funk



A French DJ and crate digger, spinning around the world, spreading good funk, quality beats and crunchy bass ~~


Body Paint and Artwork: Zachary Widgren /// LALA EATS LALA
Instagram: @paintbazooka

Design: Urban Nomad