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DJ Cola

JORGE chocano (Dj COLA) is one of the top Latin and Salsa performer and Dj in Asia and the world. He spin all kind of music Club or lounge music always depends the occasion ! His influence and enthusiasm in Latin Music became one of the main driving forces behind the rapid rise of Salsa dancing in Asia as he was invited at all major Latin Clubs, festivals, congresses and other international events. His reputation for his uncanny ability to dance and play with the dancers and his extensive collection of steps triks and some of the best salsa music to dance quickly spread around the world His music style is a mix of Latin, Afro & Funk. In taiwan He spins in Brown Sugar Brass Monkey Halo Barcode Zigi Zaga Room 18 Triangle Roxy He also dj on international events and parties such as Paris Afro Mambo, Sydney salsa congress, Beijing Salsa Festival, Hong Kong Salsa Festival, Philippines salsa congress. Malaysia Salsa Festival, Taiwan Salsa Festival, Korea Latin & Salsa Congress, bangkok salsa fiesta, boracay dance festival, salsamemucho shanghai, Singapore Salsa Festival, Shanghai Salsa Festival, Bali Salsa Fiesta, Royal Caribbean Salsa Cruises, Guangzhou Salsa Festival, Ecuador Salsa Congress, Venezuela en Salsa and more. He was special guest at brown sugar shanghai, union square in Singapore, Club 97 in Hong Kong, Brickyard in Kaohsiung, Brass Monkey in Taipei, TAJ lounge Bar in New York, Egrem bar in Cuba, Yucca Lounge in Miami, Tibiri Tabara in Medellin, Salsa club in Cali, Seseribo in Ecuador, Chateou hotel in ken ting, Café Rumbita in Japan, Nyorican Café in Puerto Rico.