Artist Info

Betty Apple

Born in 1986 in Chiayi, Taiwan, Betty Apple comes from a younger generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan, and is equally at home in contemporary art spaces and underground techno clubs, where she regularly DJs. For the 2019 Urban Nomad Freakout, she will perform her Sexbot Live DJ set, in which she plays the part of a sex robot DJing at a fantasy night club. 

Generally, Betty Apple’s art (and music) focuses on body politics and appropriates symbolic objects from kitsch culture and consumer society as sound elements; mass-produced objects intended for eroticism or entertainment, such as vibrators, underwear and fluorescent paint are carried inside the body through violent and grotesque means. Her aim is to study the chaotic and hysterical “noise text” that is created from input to output, distorted by dynamics introduced by humans as well as objects.