2016 FILMS


U.TA, a dim flare glows enigmatically from afar a mist, hazing over a dreamy state under musical variations glitter here and there, emanates sounds that explore life and death with ceremonial-like compositions.

Pakk (KR)

“No one can deny the absolute power of rock trio Pakk … these guys have found a way to fill even the biggest venues with more sound than they can possibly contain.” – Rock ‘N Seoul

DJ Marcus A

Two-time Red Bull 3style Taiwan finalist with the amazing ability to forever fold the past into the present. Playing DJ with and the Taiwan Twerk Team.

Go Go Rise

Go Go Rise plays a sort of Taiwanese version of J-Rock (Japanese rock), fusing what they consider to be pop punk and modern rock sensibilities for hot blooded tunes that packs a punch live.


Mathrock, digital beats, heavy metal. Japanese digital rock duo Metalchicks was formed in 2000, by indie rock band Buffalo Daughter’s guitarist suGar Yoshinaga and OOIOO/ DMBQ’s drummer Yuka Yoshimura, aiming to play aggressive heavy rock with only women in the band. 

Betty Apple

Born in 1986 in Chiayi, Taiwan, Betty Apple comes from a younger generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan, and is equally at home in contemporary art spaces and underground techno clubs, where she regularly DJs.