Artist Info

Asakusa Jinta

Asakusa Jinta, formed in 2002, have performed at top international festivals including Glastonbury, Fuji Rock and SXSW. They consider themselves to be “experimental performance artists” and a “preservation band” (in the sense of preserving tradition). They take their name and inspiration from the Tokyo historic district of Asakusa where jintas (roving Japanese street bands) once filled the streets. The band’s mixture of punk, ska, swing, and march music has been driving audiences wild since 2002. Their dynamic display earned a reputation throughout their hometown of Tokyo for vibrant (bordering on frantic) live performances, featuring outlandish swing-era-gone-mad costumes and typically standing-room-only halls. They bring the spirit of chindon’ya (traditional Japanese street performance) to life, and regularly perform while marching through the streets of Tokyo, in addition to playing festivals and concert venues.