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愛吹倫 a.k.a. DJ @llenblow

DJ @llenblow a.k.a. Godfather of Reggae is the bassist of the first Taiwan live Dub band Taimaica Soundsystem and ex-member of Reggae act Hang In The Air. He is also CEO of Useless Brotherhood that promotes Reggae and Hip Hop hard and has been holding parties and gigs since 2007. Freelance writing is one of his regular gigs, with articles principally about Reggae and Hip Hop. He’s written for FHM, Sony Music, Hinote Magazine, Pots Weekly, KKBOX, and currently for Red Bull Taiwan. In 2005, he decided to move to Taipei from Taichung and began his music career as a DJ, and has been playing Reggae music in countless parties and events from North to South Taiwan. From 2015, he started playing Hip Hop music as well and now is resident DJ for locally renowned music bars Ron (Tue)、Double Check (Wed) and Fucking Place (Thu).

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