EVENT: B-Panel, a discussion of music documentaries

TIME:  3pm – 5pm, May 15 (Sun)

PLACE:  Mini-Legacy at Amba Hotel, 5F, 77, Sec 2, Wuchang St, Taipei

ENTRY:  Free admission with online registration

This discussion will involve international directors from Urban Nomad’s “Music Docs” section, focusing on the stories behind their films. One discussion will specifically focus on the musical history of Berlin as depicted in B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin. A second session will discuss different approaches to documenting music and music festivals, especially Wacken in Germany and the Kezailiao Rock Festival in south Taiwan.

Moderator 主持人:
大頭張鐵志 TC Chang, author

Tieh-chih Chang is a prominent writer on politics and culture from Taiwan and his column have appeared in many major newspapers and magazine in China, Taiwan,Hong Kong and international media (currently a columnist for Financial Times Chinese site ) . He is also the chief consultant of Business Next Magazine, chief consultant and curator of YueYue bookstore and the co-founder of The Reporter. He has published several books and numerous articles on culture, social activism and rock music, including “Sounds and Fury: Can Rock’n’Roll Change the World?”


Panelists 與談人:

Mark Reeder by Doris Klaas 4

Mark Reeder (UK英國)

musician, producer and DJ




Klaus Maeck (Germany德國)

director B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin「B級片:地下柏林」導演





MarcoWilmsShooting1ARTWAR2011Marco Wilms (Germany德國)

director Art War, unit director Wacken





Harold Shih (Taiwan) 施合峰(台灣)

director Oceans Tide You Home and Small Oyster Rock in Kezailiao

「離岸堤」 與 「蚵子寮漁村紀事」導演