Shamans of the Anthropocene: A Conversation About Joseph Beuys

時間 Time: 5/20 (日 / Sun) 15:45 – 17:00
地點 Place: GoodNine Cafe
地址 Address: 台北市漢中街116號9樓 (9F #116 Hanzhong St, Taipei)
合辦 Partner: TCAC 台北當代藝術中心
語言 Language: 國語 Chinese
入場 Admission: 網路報名 Free with online Registration

城市遊牧影展將在5月20日推出《狂人波伊斯》(2017, 德國)全台首映,此座談將邀請藝術家彭弘智與藝術史學者李雨潔,一同探討波伊斯的創作如何吸納來自各個非藝術領域的觀念,反向思考在現下人類世的危機中,藝術家是否能夠成為新薩滿?該座談由台北當代藝術中心協助策劃。

Following the Taiwan premier of the film BEUYS (2017) at Urban Nomad, this panel organized by TCAC (Taipei Contemporary Art Center) will invite artist Peng Hung-chih and art historian
Li Yu-Chieh. The conversation will take as a starting point the art of Joseph Beuys and how his work absorbed ideas from non-art fields, then reflect on current crisis facing humanity, and ask whether artists might become the new shamans?

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5/20 (日)

by TCAC, with 彭弘智, 李雨潔, et al.
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